Luoyang new rural vegetable food co., LTD

Aseptic production Be assured that bean sproutsThe new rural green bean sproutsFrom the raw material of cleaning、Disinfection、Incubation sprout、Shell dehydration to product packagingThe national hotline:0379-60671777
Luoyang new rural vegetable food co., LTD

  Luoyang new rural vegetable food co., LTD is located in the town of henan mengjin cemented,Luoyang is a large-scale production and sales of green sprouts vegetables enterprises,The company covers an area of63m,Now has the worker120People,Our main products are yellow bean sprouts、Gram bud、Little golden yellow、Mung bean tip,All products has passed the certification of green,Is luoyang city government“Vegetable basket”An important part of the project,Nissan bean sprouts200Tons,Is the larger sprout cultivation base in China。   New rural bean sprouts select good bean species in the green production base in the northeast as raw materials,Adopted350M natural underground deep well...

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Product advantage

Adopted350Meters underground deep well water spray,Passing by7Day of incubation grow naturally,No added
Taste sweet、Bean fragrance thick,Ensure the health and nutritional value of bean sprouts

Source control

Selected green base of the northeast high-quality bean species

The quality of the product

From the raw material of cleaning、Disinfection,Incubation sprout,Shell to product packaging aseptic production

The brand promise

“The new countryside”The trademark for the famous brand of henan province

Market coverage

Production sales regional coverage surrounding green bean sprouts250Km radius of the farmers' market and large supermarket

The solution

Easy to buy professional after-sales service


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